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Our experience in designing and managing enterprise-grade IT systems enables us to support you business effectively. This is proved by both our professional certifications and the exceptional achievements in terms of efficiency, security and reliability acknowledged by our customers.

In the last two decades our consulting service enabled some of the biggest companies in our country to achieve the rationalization of their IT infrastructure. We provided certified training directly to our customers and in conjunction with high-profile training providers. We have also profound a particular effort to support the Information Technology culture by cooperating with both generic and sector-specific national industrial associations.

That proven experience enabled us to build the right competencies to bring to your IT infrastructure the efficiency and reliability it deserves.


Our job is to make your IT system compliant to real requirements of your business.

In a marketplace polluted by serious lack of competence, we give you the chance not to be harmed by solutions promoted by commercial opportunism rather than good technical value.

We support your business by holding the complexity of the IT infrastructure, in order to achieve substantial cut of (both structural and operational) costs, dramatic reduction of technical failures and to make you discover unknown features and performances.

Our offering is mainly aimed to productive enterprises, and it stands out by setting the training needed by all involved resources as a mandatory requirement.


We build each solution by selecting tools and products in relation to real needs, and we never stop reviewing them in strict accordance with the best technical practices.

Good products choice is only one factor in the process of building an effective and valuable solution. Thus we never forget to consider the global impact on the IT infrastructure, which must be governed by skilled and accountable professionals in order to deliver the required service level.

Among the technologies mastered by us: BSD Unix and Microsoft Windows server platforms, Apple OS X clients, Microsoft Active Directory infrastructures, CommuniGate Pro unified communication platform, Cisco, Juniper and pfSense networking and firewalling systems.


“We analyze your business' real needs to achieve a substantial rationalization of its technology assets, with the aim of making them the backbone of your work”

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